Pregnancy Care

Every moment of waiting is an opportunity for wellness.

There is no more important time to focus on your body than during pregnancy. At North Shore Chiropractic, Dr. Schneider and her team prioritize wellness for expenctant moms and women trying to become pregnant. Families are the heart of North Shore Chiropractic, and mothers are the heart of their families. 

Did You Know?

Chiropractic care can help increase fertility and chances of conception


Regular chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can significantly

reduce labor times


Doctors use different tools and equipment specially

designed for pregnant bodies


Gentle techniques developed for pregnancy reduce back pain, heartburn, and morning sickness


Mothers who receive prenatal chiropractic care request

fewer painkillers during delivery

Prenatal Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used to treat infertility for over 2,000 years. 

At North Shore Chiropractic, Dr. Schneider treats fertility patients in-house with acupuncture techniques, and she refers patients to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Both doctors work together to build a customized fertility treatment plan. 


The uncomfortable parts of pregnancy can be mitigated through Acupuncture. 

Dr. Schneider uses Acupuncture to help soothe symptoms of nausea, headaches, digestive issues, musculoskeletal complaints, and stress. Acupuncture techniques promote relaxation and ease labor.

Pain Control

Massage Therapy is a central part of care for pregnant and new mothers.

Birthing bodies endure some of life's most intense muscular stress. North Shore Chiropractic's dedicated Massage Therapist specialized in prenatal and post partum massage, helping to relieve the natural pain before and after childbirth. 


Better fetal positioning reduces stress on the mother's body. 

The gentle therapies used at North Shore Chiropractic encourage your baby to move into the best possible position for birth. Dr. Schneider uses The Webster Technique to adjust your baby's position relative to your unique pelvic and muscular structures.

Specialized taping helps support the mother's body during pregnancy.

Rocktape therapy relieves muscle tension by gently supporting strained musles. Dr. Schneider uses this non-invasive technique to relieve symptoms of sciatica, swelling, lower back distress, plantar fascitis, hip pain, and other common stresses related to pregnancy. 

All Moms Deserve Care

Bodily stress doesn't abate after babies are born. Being a mom is one of the most physically demanding jobs out there. Dr. Schneider treats families with kids of all ages, and she commonly witnesses the warning signs of Super-Mom-itis





Muscle Spasms



These sympotoms are sure signs that Mom needs care. Helping Mom feel better helps the whole family function with greater total wellness. Dr. Schneider can help. 

Why wait? Begin caring for yourself and your family by scheduling your first appointment online.

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